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iPhoto: 訂購攝影集無法登入的暫時解法 / iPhoto: Can’t login? Try this.

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

這兩天,您的 iPhoto 可能無法正常登入攝影集訂購系統,如遇此問題,請按照下列方式操作:

  1. 打開您的 Safari 瀏覽器,在網址欄輸入。請注意是 https 喔!而且,一定要用 Safari,不可以用 Firefox!
  2. 連上這個網址後,您會看到如下圖的紙單跳出,請選擇顯示憑證
  3. 接著請如下圖將總是信任這個網站勾選起來,然後按繼續
  4. 您會看到瀏覽器回到 hypo 首頁,應該就完成囉。接著開啟您的 iPhoto、訂購攝影集就可以正常登入了!


We have found the prime cause that hinders you from submitting your iPhoto product into production and are fixing it right now. Here is a workaround in the meantime if you need your photobook submitted as soon as possible.

  1. You must access via Safari, and set your computer to always trust this site. Click Show Certificate in the sheet, and proceed to the next step.
  2. Check Always trust “” when connecting to “”, then click Continue.

Voilà. We are sorry for the inconveniences — happy bookmaking.

iPhoto 服務暫時離線 / iPhoto Service Temporarily Offline

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

親愛的 Mac 用戶們,很抱歉,目前您無法登入台港澳的伺服器,因為某些原因,iPhoto 服務暫時離線,這是 hypo 的問題,我們正在設法排除,感謝您的耐心等候,一旦狀況排除,我們會在此公告周知。

We are experiencing some technical issues which keeps you from logging-in with your hypo credentials via our iPhoto plugin. This hinders our Mac customers who wish to submit their iPhoto products for production. However, you may still edit your photobook in iPhoto and have it submitted later. We’re now working on this issue and would come back to you shortly.

Ticket 新功能: 放大檢查成品 / Magnify your tickets before print

Monday, July 13th, 2009

ticket 有個缺點,就是沒辦法放大看個仔細,所以這段時間,少數用戶有了錯別字而不自覺,或是打了超出限制的字數,讓作品有了小小的遺憾。

於是,今天我們做了一項 ticket 編輯器的小改進,在「檢查成品」步驟,每一張 ticket 都可以點兩下放大(如上面圖片所示)從此再也沒有藉口了,請大家用自滿的微笑,把 Ticket 檢查個仔細吧!

Now you don’t have an excuse for typos on your ticket — nor do you have to find one. Double-clicking on any sheet now magnifies it ;) .

12² 更合理的國際運費 / 12²: Lower Freight Fee

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

今天我們調整了 12平方 國際運費計算方式,使其與 Ticket 一致,請參考如下:

  • 港澳 – 100 NTD / 每 3 冊
  • 星馬 – 120 NTD / 每 3 冊
  • 其他國家 – 200 NTD / 每 3 冊

請注意,這裡計算的冊數,必須是同一筆相同內容的訂單,比如,星馬地區用戶一次購買 10 冊,運費就是 480 NTD,平均每本運費為 48 元,比起過去每一本單獨計算 120 NTD 的運費要划算許多。

我們會繼續改進,感謝所有熱心用戶給予 hypo 的意見與鼓勵!

We’ve learned that the ticket proved to be a best-seller — thank you. From now on, all hypo Global users ordering multiple copies of 12² are eligible for a discounted freight fee, just like what we’ve provided to our ticket customers:

  • Hong Kong, MacauNT$ 100 for every 3 sets
  • Singapore, MalaysiaNT$ 120 for every 3 sets
  • Anywhere else in the worldNT$ 200 for every 3 sets

Of course, you’ll submit one single order to be eligible for bulk pricing.

flickr 支援發佈相片到 twitter

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

英文消息請參考 Flickr Blog
中文教學推薦 Goston’s Blog

呀呼!對於 flickr+twitter 的用戶,真是個好消息。